Contracts and Buying Information

Spot and Futures

Spot means the coffee is free and clear and can be shipped immediately.
As you know, many coffees are not always available on the spot. To assure supply, booking futures is the way to go. It is not uncommon to have arrivals booked six to twelve months forward.


A sales contract will be issued for orders greater than 100 bags and for forward deliveries. Invoices will serve as contracts for smaller orders. All transactions incorporate the provisions, terms and conditions of the applicable Coffee Contract (Spot, Ex-Dock, Ex-Warehouse, FOB etc.) of the Pacific Coast Coffee Association, including all rulings and by laws in effect on the date hereof.

Minimum Purchase

Our minimum purchase is one pallet or 10 bags (the 10 bags can be a mixture).


On the day the coffee becomes spot we will invoice it. If you receive an invoice your coffee is available and can be shipped anytime upon request. Please remember, billing is from date of AVAILABILITY, not shipment or delivery to you.
A finance charge of 1% per month will be applied to all delinquent accounts.

New Customers

New customers are sold on a net cash basis - specifically, payment by cashier's check or wire transfer in advance of shipment. After you have placed a few orders and we have analyzed your signed credit application, we may offer credit terms.


Unless otherwise negotiated. Shipments are sent F.O.B. warehouse which means the freight will be paid by you. We will gladly set up the shipment with the freight company for you.


Your carrier is acting as YOU when receiving/signing for shipments. Carrier should be aware of condition of shipment as loaded and should sign paperwork accordingly. Likewise, when shipment is received at destination, do NOT sign off receipt unless all is in order. Consignee (your freight bill payer) is responsible for claims, so write any exceptions directly on freight receipt.

Trucking regulations state that carriers are not responsible for unloading; many will assist, but they are NOT OBLIGATED. Please be prepared to unload your own freight and remember bags average between 134-155 pounds each.

Green coffee in the trucking industry is coded (freight rated) as CLASS 55 (CLS55). Check your freight bill for correct rating class -- it can make a difference.